Which Are The Best Pebbles For Aquarium?

How To Choose The Best Aquarium Display?

Pebbles are one of the easiest forms of natural fertilizers for your aquarium. But before you put any into your tank, be sure to know what pebbles are best for you. When you first purchase pebbles, you will find a number of different types of these rocks. While purchasing pebbles, consider the needs of your fish. Do not just pick anything off the shelf.

Which Are The Best Pebbles For Aquarium?
Which Are The Best Pebbles For Aquarium?

What type of fish do you have? The type of rock you choose will depend on what type of fish you have. Let’s take a look at a few of the common types of rocks used by fish.

Common Types Of Rocks/Pebbles

Corals like to stay near rocks that are composed of sand and ocean water. This makes it easy for them to hide. You can find driftwood pebbles, corals rocks, and even seashells for the corals. These rocks are perfect for your little buddy.

If you have fish that love to burrow, then use burrowing rocks in your aquarium. These rocks are great because they provide not only shelter but also an ideal place for your fish to hide. In addition, you will find the pebbles form a good base for your aquarium.

Aquarium stones such as limestone come in a variety of colors and sizes. You will find a variety of choices for your fish. These pebbles are very beneficial for the aquarium. You will notice a difference in your fish when you add the new rocks to your tank.

Sand is also a great way to clean the water of any debris. One of the best sand types to use is sandy. The choice of which sand is best will depend on the size of your tank. Smaller tanks will benefit from sand, while bigger tanks can benefit from gravel or pebbles.

Which Are The Best Pebbles For Aquarium?
Which Are The Best Pebbles For Aquarium?

Seashells are another type of rock. These are beautiful and sometimes too costly for your pocket. You can find natural seashells at most pet stores. These pebbles are a great alternative for those who are looking for something more natural than pebbles. For the reef aquarium, the coral reefs rocks are fantastic. This stone type is perfect for corals, fish, and the entire aquarium.

Rocks and pebbles should be placed in your aquarium with care. Keep in mind that the aquarium is an environment that needs to be kept clean. You do not want pebbles in the water that will absorb the dirt. Also, the water needs to remain clear so that your fish can breathe.

Final Words

Lastly, check on the fish’s level of activity on a daily basis. Some fish will need to be given special care when pebbles are being used. Pebbles need to be treated with care in order to avoid becoming heavy. Never place pebbles in the aquarium with gravel. Also, be sure to keep your pebbles clean and dry at all times. Always, try to keep your aquarium clean and mess-free.

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