Refugium: What Is The Importance Of This Secondary Tank

Are you looking for some information on refugium? You have come to the right place. In this post, we will define what is a refugium and why it is important for serious aquarists.

A Brief Introduction

When discussing technically, refugia are kinds of ‘refuge. It works by sharing the main tank’s water. Moreover, it offers protection and safety to delicate creatures from the bigger ones.

Furthermore, this space also contributes to the growth of copepods, further used as a food source for the aquarium fish. Where there are refugia, the water changing procedure will be safer and more comfortable.

The Next Refugium Information

Aquarists make use of the term “refugium” on a frequent basis. However, a lot of disagreement is there regarding this concept. Are you going to purchase an aquarium shortly? Then, you should know the basic facts about the same.

First, you should plan about the size before purchasing it. According to your budget, sometimes, it’s great to have the most prominent display tank. But, it should accommodate adequately in the space allotted to it. As per the recommendation, you must go for a refugium as large as possible.

All About Aquarium Fish Tanks
All About Aquarium Fish Tanks

Why Refugium

Are you wonder about the need for a refugium? Why it’s not better to keep species in just a separate tank? But it’s beautiful that you’ll get more benefits while it’s connected to that main aquarium.

With some extra lighting, you can make use of the refugia for harvesting algae. However, the growth of algae will also help your main tank to stay clean.

Moreover, it’s also a great idea while it’s about protecting small organisms by making them self-replenishing. It explicitly holds whenever it’s about growing “feeder” organisms up to a specific size.

Some More Points

A large volume of the system means more excellent stability while it comes to the quality of water. Moreover, it’s also mostly possible to amalgamate a refugium with a sump. Do you want to increase the entire volume of the system? Then, you should think about combining both of them.

Do you know a 30-gallon tub makes an excellent choice in this regard while it’s about an off-display fish room? It’s also true that everybody can’t allow sufficient space for the same. Nonetheless, a 10-gallon one can also be effective if it’s there within the tank cabinet.

What Should You Know About Aquarium Sump
What Should You Know About Aquarium Sump

Some Points To Remember

A lot of aquarists have started using it in terms of a secondary display tank rather than using it as a standalone utilitarian device. Moreover, it’s possible to hide this area for your aquarium.

While it comes to the growth of marine plants (such as macroalgae), making use of refugia would be a wise decision. You should definitely consider Caulerpa and Cheatomorpha when it’s about macroalgae grown in such an area.

Nonetheless, you should also know that macroalgae offer another great benefit to refugia in terms of providing a complex matrix. Specifically, C. Crassa and C. Linum take part in this regard.

So, now, you’re familiar with the basic facts on refugium. To know more about this topic, you can contact an expert in this domain.

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