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What Is Better For Fish Tanks? Sand Or Gravel?

What Is Better For Fish Tanks? Sand Or Gravel?

If you wish to buy an aquarium to make your living room more vivid, it is undoubtedly a fantastic option. If you are a first time user, you may not know all the nitty-gritty about it. People often cannot decide which is the better substrate for the fish tanks, sand or gravel?

Some prefer sand over gravel for its natural look. There are several factors you have to consider to come to a decision finally.

What Is Better For Fish Tanks? Sand Or Gravel?
What Is Better For Fish Tanks? Sand Or Gravel?

Sand And Gravel- Find The Key Difference

Setting Up The Fish Tanks

To set up your tank with gravel is relatively easy. It requires only a basic rinse wash and close supervision before placing it inside the tank.

Cloudiness is the main challenge if you use sand. You have to go through a lengthy process to settle down the cloudiness. And before installing it inside, you have to do a lot of rinse wash. You may require ten or even more rinse to get a clear vision of the aquarium.

But you will feel rewarded after this elaborate cleaning process.

Sand Enhances The Beauty Factor Of The Fish Tanks Multiple Times

If you can tolerate the lengthy set-up process, then sand is going to rock your aquarium with its more natural and polished look.

Gravel can also give a great look, depending on its color. It is good to have dark earthy-toned gravel to have the essence of nature.

The Cleaning Of The Substrate

To get a crystal clear look, cleaning at a regular interval is essential. They have a diverse cleaning procedure.

Gravel: The food particles and waste fall in the cracks and gaps and prevents them from getting a tidy look. A gravel vacuum is needed to suck up all those wastes properly, which is not possible by hand.

Sand: Cleaning the sand is comparatively easy as you can see all the dirt get accumulated there in the tank, and it impossible to avoid as the dirt is collected on the top of the sand layer.

If you can clean the aquarium whenever you change the water, dirt will not be collected for long, and you will always get a cleaner look. The cleaning will take lesser time too.

The Air Pocket Is An Issue With Sand

There are possibilities of air pocket formation if sand is the substrate you use. For a shallow sandbank, it does not form, but for thicker layers, it is a severe issue. The waste gets collected in the empty pockets, and over time, it gets toxic.

The only way to get rid of this is proper maintenance.

What Is Better For Fish Tanks? Sand Or Gravel?
What Is Better For Fish Tanks? Sand Or Gravel?

Difference In Cost

The cost usually depends on the size, quality, and color. Sand is much cheaper. If you purchase it from the local pet shop, you may have to pay more. Many aquarium owners frequently use blast sand. It is damn cheap. And you will get more color options to make your tank looking more attractive.

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