The Comprehensive Guide About Freshwater Fishes In Japan

Freshwater Fishes

Freshwater fishes are popular in North America and Europe, but they are not so common in Japan. Most of the fish that are native to Japan live on the lake and rivers. You have seen many of these fish in Japan and they look good. But, it’s not sure whether they will survive in freshwater aquarium.

What Are The Types Of Freshwater Fishes?

The Comprehensive Guide About Freshwater Fishes In Japan

The only two types of freshwater aquarium fish in Japan are the dwarf barbel and the catfish. The dwarf barbel is still very small compared to other tropical fishes. You should keep them as pets, but it does not seem possible for most people in Japan to afford pet fish.

The Catfish is a normal-sized fish that is very similar to Koi Fish. It is very active. Therefore, care should be taken to make sure that they get enough exercise. There are some freshwater fishes from North America that are larger than Japanese freshwater fishes. The Black Carp, the Dogtooth, and the Betta in particular can be problematic.

Which Are The Best Freshwater Fishes In Japan?

The best choice for freshwater fish in Japan will be the Parrotfish. This fish is more forgiving than the Dwarf Barbel. You can keep them in a larger tank with lots of pebbles. Red Tail Sharpies is another variety of freshwater fish that can be found on eBay. They are not hardy and cannot survive in a freshwater aquarium. However, they are not as expensive as Bettas or Catfish and may be cheaper than Rainbowfish.

Only about two dozen species of freshwater aquarium fish are available in Japan. Most of the fish live in freshwater and some in the saltwater

Our suggestion is to use Bettas in freshwater aquariums because these fishes can survive in a freshwater aquarium. You can buy Bettas at your local pet store or you can find them online at eBay. They are very hardy fish and suitable for a freshwater aquarium.

Few Things You Should Know Before Keeping Freshwater Fishes In Japan

To keep freshwater aquarium fish in Japan, you need a good quality aquarium filter and heater. You can get these at your local pet store or on eBay. It is very important to have the right size of tank for your fish.

Know About The Freshwater Fishes
The Comprehensive Guide About Freshwater Fishes In Japan

A good thumb rule is that the bigger the tank, the better. If you put your fish in a smaller tank, they will get stressed and won’t survive. It is important to put the right type of food in the tank and change the water weekly. It is recommended to leave the tank in a dark room during the day. To avoid predators from attacking your fish, you will need to move them into a separate tank when it gets dark.

Final Words

Be careful though because not all varieties of these beautiful fishes are suitable for saltwater. It is better to buy a few of the smallest varieties of freshwater fishes and make up a combination with rainbowfish.

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