Suitable Pets For Seniors: The Best Fish Species

Suitable Pets For Seniors: The Best Fish Species

As a responsible child, you must often worry about your elderly parents. In today’s fast-paced, professional world, most people move out of their parents’ house after entering their professional lives. In such cases, it becomes really difficult to make sure that aged parents have company and do not get lonely. Pets are a good way to take care of this problem. Pets provide company and comfort to the elderly and improve their mental health. Fishes are one of the best kinds of pets for the elderly. They require less attention and grooming, but at the same time make amazing pets. Here are a few aquarium fish species that will make amazing pets for seniors, and are easy to take care of.

Suitable Pets For Seniors: Best Fish Species
Suitable Pets For Seniors: Best Fish Species

The Siamese Fighting Fish

These are a variety of extremely attractive fishes with long, flowy fins and bright, iridescent colors. They can span from 1 to 5 inches, depending on their variety. These fishes are popular among beginners as they can be kept in small tanks and can survive in wide-ranging water conditions. Do not keep these fishes in big schools are they are prone to fighting amongst themselves. The Siamese Fighting Fish makes excellent pets for seniors as it is interactive as well as intelligent.

White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Reaching sizes of around 1.5 inches, Minnows come in a wide variety of colors such as yellow, silvery-blue, greenish-white, as well as blond, pink, etc. Most varieties have fiery red wings. Minnows are good pets for the elderly as they are hardy and can survive cold water temperatures. You can keep them in schools or pair them with other fishes. Minnows can survive on an easy diet of fish pellet food.

Suitable Pets For Seniors: Tetras

Suitable Pets For Seniors: Best Fish Species
Suitable Pets For Seniors: Best Fish Species

Tetras are a group that comprises of numerous subspecies of freshwater fishes. They are tropical fishes are usually required aquariums with heaters. They are peaceful and communitarian and you should keep them in schools of at least five or six. Tetras survive best in tanks with plants and hiding spots, so make sure that you do not leave a tetra in a bare tank.


Guppies are another species of fish that have long, brightly-colored tails and are very popular among beginners. These are peaceful and can be kept in big schools. They measure around 2 inches in sizes and require heated, covered tanks of at least 10 gallons. Make sure that you do not keep them in mixed schools are guppies can breed very fast.

Kuhli Loach

These are peaceful, eel-like fishes that live in the deeper levels of the tank. Reaching a size of around 4 inches. Kuhli loaches require heated tanks of 20 gallons with real plants, driftwood, hiding spots, etc. They are known for their underwater acrobatics and are bottom feeders who will help keep your tank clean.

Suitable Pets For Seniors: Dwarf Puffer Fish

The smallest variety of pufferfish, these tiny puffers reach sizes less than 1 inch and are active and interactive with humans. They require heated tanks of 10 gallons or more, with lots of decorations and hiding spots. Females can be kept in schools but not males, as they are more territorial and aggressive. They take an active interest in humans and will keep your elderly parents engaged round the clock.

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