Is Small Fishes For Planted Aquariums Right For You

small fishes for planted aquarium

Many people ask if fish should be planted in tanks that contain uncountable nouns such as lilies. This can be a tricky and potentially expensive situation. On one hand you must decide if the plant would be countable or not and on the other hand, it might be countable if it had some unique features of its own. For example, a water lettuce might be included in the tank along with the other uncountable nouns such as water hyacinths, water lilies and water lavender. It would be OK to include them, provided they did not have flowers.

It is OK to include some small fishes such as goldfish in a tank containing more than three uncountable plants. They are not meant to compete with the other small fishes. The small fishes would also help the others live by filtering debris or small food pieces that might otherwise end up in the larger aquarium. Just be careful to remove all floating objects before adding the small fishes into the aquarium. Do not add them until you are absolutely sure that they are safe to do so.

An Overview

Planted Aquariums

If the tank has rocks, it is OK to include some of them even though it would be better if the rocks did not contain tiny rocks that could be ingested by the small fishes. Rocks placed at the bottom of the aquarium may look fine but in fact could attract sharks and other large marine animals which are not good for the plants. Also, it is OK to use some of the bigger rocks but not necessarily the small ones. This way the chances of having animals take hold of the small fishes are less.

Some of the smaller decorative stones may also be placed in the aquarium. They can give an illusion of making the aquarium look bigger. However, they should not be placed too close to the aquarium light. As with any other decorative item, the lighting should be uniform throughout the aquarium.

Plants will provide the rest of the color and beauty for your small fishes. It is important for them to get enough sunlight and moisture. Fishes will not like standing too close to water. But they need to have the proper humidity level to stay healthy.

Small Fishes for Planted Aquariums

Planted Aquariums

You should make sure that the plants and small fishes get proper water circulation as well. Proper circulation allows the nutrients to get to every part of the aquarium. This is especially true of the roots of the small plants. You should ensure that the water stays clear and there are no obstructions in the way of the water currents. Small aquariums need to be carefully planned out to keep the water quality at its optimal levels.

In a small planted aquarium, it is important that the water never completely empties itself of oxygen. It should constantly be topped up with oxygenated water. Also, it is very important that you watch the water chemistry in order to monitor the levels of ammonia and nitrate. These chemicals can be deadly to the fish if they get to high levels.

When buying or planning on building an aquarium for your small aquatic friends, you should take into account the size of the aquarium and also the requirements of your fishes. If it is going to be an only aquarium, then you will have to get yourself a bigger one. If you have a big family or a lot of fishes, then you may have to opt for a much bigger aquarium.

Bottom Line

Plants can help keep the small fishes happier in the wild. But in the home aquarium, the plants may become invasive if not kept in check. For this reason it is better to stick to the more common smaller species of fishes. These help ensure that there is enough room for the other small inhabitants of the aquarium like bacteria and other microorganisms that need to thrive and grow properly.

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