How To Care For Soft Corals In A Saltwater Aquarium?

How To Care For Soft Corals In A Saltwater Aquarium?

Soft or spongy corals are naturally soft in their structure because their body misses their hard skeleton shell; thus, it is correctly stated as Soft corals. They are very different from the species of mushrooms and zoanthids. Soft coral is an unscientific name which commonly used by locals to refer to some related as well as unrelated species of corals.

The reasons that they are being mentioned here is that this animal species are readily available and easy to take care of and also can be kept your fish tank.

Let’s Have A Look At The Difference Between Soft And Hard Coral Available

Large Polyp Stoney and Small Polyp Stoney come under the category of hard corals. They are considered to be hard because they have an external shell build of calcium carbonate.

How To Care For Soft Corals In A Saltwater Aquarium?
How To Care For Soft Corals In A Saltwater Aquarium?

When you look at a soft coral, you find an extensive with small fleshy polyp incorporated with a tiny skeleton which is included in their flesh made out of calcium carbonate. This minute shreds of frames look somewhat like a crescent moon or to be exact fingernail clippings. This is termed as sclerites. With close observation, one can easily find the presence of sclerites in the fleshy polyp of corals.

Some Species Of Soft Corals Which You Take Care In Your Aquarium

  • Cladeila colt corals(This includes Kenya tree coral)
  • Pachyclavularia- (green star polyp)
  • Sinularia(cabbage leather coral)
  • Lobophytum(devil’s hand)
  • Sacrphyton(toadstool)
  • Pulsing Xenia
  • Gorgonians
  • Tubipora

Well, there are several varieties available; this one has mentioned above and is readily available in the market.

Methods To Take Care Of Soft Corals

How To Care For Soft Corals In A Saltwater Aquarium?
How To Care For Soft Corals In A Saltwater Aquarium?

A variety of soft coral is present out there in the market; hence it is to some extent difficult for prescribing single methods to look after for such large variety. Still, let us have care methods on the most commonly readily available soft corals in the market.

A soft coral is the famous breed of coral to be taken care of in the aquarium and is also known as beginner corals because they are very adjusting with amateur owners. They are forgiving with minimal water flow with light and with slight fluctuations in the water level.

The situation as mentioned above pretty much goes for Toadstool, Cabbage Leather, Finger Leathers, Devil’s Hand, Capella, Pulsing Xenia.

Ways To Grow Them Fast

The solution to making your coral gradually become is to increase light quality. Washing and maintaining the tank also acts as a bonus in growing the corals. Look for testing nitrates, salinity, and pH in the water. Apart from the above parameters, the fish tank owner must look for ammonia and nitrite while setting up the tank. Look for temperature stability now and then. It is easy for the fish tank owner to abide by the parameters required as long as there high quality of salt mixed in the water. Water animals are very shy animals they have no life outside the water. Never make the water dirty otherwise animals may die.

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