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Discus Fish: Are They Aggressive?

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Discus Fish is one of the most common species one keeps in their aquarium. However, like any other fish owner, a person will try to understand the behavior the fishes will have inside the tank. Some of them feel that discus fishes are aggressive and violent and tend to kill their fellow aquarium mates. However, it is a wrong notion. There are different reasons and ways of keeping a discus fish in a tank full of other fishes.

Discus Fish: Are They Aggressive?
Discus Fish: Are They Aggressive?

Are Discuss Fish Aggressive?

It is one of the most common questions any Discus fish owner asks. However, to make it clear from the beginning, they are not at all aggressive. However, one must keep a Discus fish with few other discus fishes to make them accustomed. It depends on the fishes of they adjust with the other species or not. Discus fish doesn’t connect with other fishes and will want their breed members to be there. Some of the aquarium owners keep them with other Discus fishes to help them feel comfortable and at home. However, it is very calm and peaceful. It stays quiet all the time.

Things That Make Them Aggressive

The Discus fishes can be aggressive at times. It is when they do not feel comfortable with the tank mates they have. One should always choose a clam tank mate for this fish so that they don’t feel uncomfortable. Tetras is the best fish that can handle the discus fishes. However, one should always try to buy at least four to five discus fishes together from the same supplier so that they don’t feel uncomfortable or lost. As the fishes are very calm, they often are bullied by other fishes. It will make them more aggressive and rigorous.

Discus Fish: Are They Aggressive?
Discus Fish: Are They Aggressive?

Preventing Their Aggression

There are many reasons due to which Discus fishes become aggressive. The tank should be clean and must have fresh water in it. Contaminated water cause irritation to the fishes and one can even die. The tank conditions help a lot in these cases. However, the food of the discus fishes should be on time and abundant. A fish becomes aggressive if they don’t receive food on time. Moreover, Discus fishes need much curb to thrive in the waters.

Discus Fish: Sign Of Sickness

There are a lot of times when Discus Fishes are so aggressive that they get sick. In this case, they try to isolate themselves from the other fishes and try to find a shelter. One must be very careful in handling the situation. When a fish becomes sick, the owner must take proper care of them. Keep them in the perfect water tank, feed them daily and in intervals, and take appropriate care.

Discus Fish: Conclusion

These were the few facts one should know about these fishes. The fishes are fantastic and are not at all aggressive. They become aggressive at times, but that can be prevented. It is calm and peaceful and needs a bunch of playful tank mates so that they do not feel uncomfortable.

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