Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Details To Know

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Keeping an aquarium in your house may not only attract positive vibes but will also bring peace to your mind. When you decide to keep an aquarium, you may search for colorful fishes that will be a great option to be kept inside your aquarium. They will not only catch the attention of the visitors at your place but will also provide a soothing effect to your eyes. Let’s discover some of the most beautiful and colorful freshwater aquarium fishes.

Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Jack Dempsey

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The Jack Dempsey is a very beautiful fish that has colorful patterns on its body. The vibrant light blue color instantly catches the attention of your eye and attracts your mind. Although they are a little bit small, having one of these in your aquarium will enhance its beauty by many folds. One thing that you need to keep in mind about these fishes is that they are a bit aggressive and may put up a fight with fishes that get on their bad side. 

Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Peacock cichlid

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Their vibrant colors and shine make them the perfect choice to have as part of your fish aquarium. They will instantly catch your attention and you will simply love the beauty of their vibrant colors. The best part about these fishes is that they are easier to look after and are not much aggressive. 

Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Electric blue Acara

The stunning metallic blue color of these fishes will catch the attention of your eye and make you instantly fall in love with them. The hint of yellow on their caudal and dorsal fin makes them an absolute marvel. If you are searching for a fish that will add brilliance to your fish aquarium without any violence, then these are the ones you are looking for. 

Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Endler’s Livebearers

These cute little fishes will catch the attention of your eye with their brilliant colors. They are available in a variety of different colors but the most common ones are orange, green, red and blue. These colors are scattered all over their bodies randomly. They require very less amount of care and are rather peaceful in their behavior.

Colorful Freshwater Aquarium Fish – Discus

When people search for colorful freshwater fishes, discus tops their list. Their bvibrantcolirs and cute little size attract our mind and catch your attention instantly. Although they are very attractive and unique, they may require special care when it comes to their diet and water parameters. If you can handle both of them well, then they are the fishes you can definitely have as part of your aquarium.


There is a wide range of colorful freshwater fishes available in the market. You can select any one of these and add them as part of your aquarium. Make sure that you perform advanced research about their temperament and their feeding habits before deciding to go for a particular type. 

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