Choosing The Best Saltwater Aquarium Fish

best saltwater aquarium fish

Whether you are planning to have a saltwater tank in your home or office, here is what you should know about the best saltwater aquarium fish available today. Having an aquarium in your home or office can be a fun way to pass time, bring peace and tranquility to your surroundings, and add great value to your investment. Of course, just like any other pet, having a saltwater tank also requires responsibility from you. Below, we offer you with some of the best saltwater aquarium fish that beginners can find interesting.

Angelfish Is Among The Least Aggressive Fish That Can Be Kept In The Tank

Underwater view of a coral

The Angelfish is among the least aggressive fish that can be kept in the tank. It is a good swimmer and has an average lifespan of two years. Angelfish can live either in tanks with corals or in tanks with live rocks. They prefer corals for their home aquarium because they are easier to look after, however if you are not one for corals, then a good alternative would be a good medium sized rock with hiding spots, such as Bakeries.

The Goby is an inexpensive marine fish that can do well in almost any saltwater aquarium. The adult gobies are only a couple of inches in length and the youngsters can grow up to 3 inches. The juvenile gobies do not go by the name “goby” but rather “goby.”

Dottyback Is A Hardy Fish That Does Not Need A Tank With Live Rocks

A close up of a coral

The Dottyback is a hardy fish that doesn’t need a tank with live rocks. They are popular pets that can be kept in a range of environments. The Dottyback does need a large amount of space, so they are not a good choice for small or beginner saltwater tanks. However the good thing about these fish is that they can grow to be three and a half inches in length. The Dottyback also comes in a variety of colors including white and black. These fish are a bit more expensive than some other saltwater aquarium pets such as the place and cichlids but their value is greater than their cost.

The Cichlid can do well in most aquariums provided that the water chemistry is right. The best way to do this is to introduce some fish into your aquarium water system that are known for being easy-care fish. Examples of these fish are the Rosy Red Minnows, Black Skirts, Impala Cichlids and the zebra Squire.

Cardinalfish Is A Popular Fish That Can Do Very Well In An Aquarium

The cardinalfish is a popular fish that can do very well in an aquarium. In the aquarium the cardinalfish will do very well in a variety of conditions. It can do well with a planted aquarium. It will do well even in oxygenated water. The cardinalfish does not like a lot of rocky areas or gravel in its aquarium. If you do not have gravel in your aquarium then the cardinalfish will do better in a filter-overfeeding tank.

When looking for fish to pair with the cardinalfish, it is important to know what fish to avoid and what fish to pair up with. Some fish that should be avoided are those that tend to be aggressive. Examples of aggressive fish include the discus, black swan, silver dollars and the black ringed swan. Some other fish to avoid are fish that tend to be picky eaters. You could try to pair up red tail boars or black bears with the cardinalfish.

Summing Up

Other fish that can be ideal companions for the cardinalfish are the rock light corona, the hickory shad, and the live rock cichlids. You should also consider the optimal temperature for your aquarium when trying to determine which fish to choose. They should ideally be kept in a room that has an adequate amount of light, but not too much light. The cardinalfish should be kept in a room with a decent base temperature, but it is best to have indirect, not direct, sunlight.

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