Best Fish For Home Aquariums – How To Find Them

best fish for home aquarium

It can make or break a home aquarium. This is the reason why there are so many different types of fish for home aquariums today.

Having the best fish for home aquariums means having the fish that will best survive and adapt to your home aquarium’s environment. Fish that can best survive in your home aquarium would also be the fish that you will enjoy keeping for years together with your loved ones. But, it is also very important to choose the best fish for home aquariums only. Let us take a look at some of the most popular aquarium fish that you can choose from.

The Billigerus Santalinus

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One of the best freshwater fish for home aquariums today is the Billigerus santalinus. This is the one among the community freshwater aquarium fish that can adapt to a wide range of aquascape. It is a good choice especially if you want to keep your fish tank as a centerpiece in your office or any other area where you can place them so you can appreciate the wonders of nature anytime. This kind of fish for freshwater aquarium setup also comes in a wide variety of color and size hence you can always have something that you can display easily.

The Gourami is another popular freshwater aquarium fish. This is a peaceful fish species that can be used to help keep other less social yet fascinating species such as the Angel Fish and the Red-finned Pilot Whale in check. You can keep this species by placing them in shallow water where they can still breathe and also have enough space to swim around. You can also have this species alone in deeper water or you can have other peaceful fish species to keep an eye on it.

The Betta Splendens

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Another popular pet for freshwater tanks is the Betta splendens. This is a very active fish that is perfect to be kept with other community fish species in an aquarium. If you are a first time aquarium owner or you are trying to manage your first Betta, this is a great pet for you since it is very easy to take care of and also easy to breed.

There are also other species of community tank set up such as the Rosey Fiend, Pearl Diver or the Purple Cichlids. These fish can also survive alone if you do not have a big enough tank to house the rest of the community so these species tend to do well when kept alone. They will also thrive better when there are other Betta species or when there are bigger sized fish in the tank. When you place Betta splendens or other members of the community into the home aquarium, make sure to put at least 8 pieces of gravel to spread out the areas available for them to swim around. These fish love to hide in gravel and this will provide them with shelter and a place to hide during the day.

A Properly-Maintained Tank

One of the most important things to remember when caring for the starter-friendly community fish is to set up a properly-maintained tank. This means there should be proper filtration, lighting, water circulation and a good amount of oxygen.

Keep in mind that these fish are omnivores which means they will also eat either live or dead plant material. The starter-friendly Betta fish are easy to care for but they do not always thrive unless you give them the proper conditions they need to flourish.

Final Words

To find the best fish for home aquariums, you must do a little research. There are numerous books you can read about the various species and the community tanks that they prefer. You can also search the internet for more information. In addition, you can also visit pet shops and even discount stores to find starter-friendly aquariums at affordable prices.

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