Aquarium Isolation Box For Juvenile Fishes -

Aquarium Isolation Box For Juvenile Fishes

Aquarium Isolation Box For Juvenile Fishes

An aquarium isolation box is also called a breeding box or spawning box for viviparous and small fishes. The box prevents large or adult fishes from attacking the smaller ones.

Thus, in a way, the item helps in improving the life span or survival rate of different young fish varieties. Majority of these boxes come with an exclusive transparent cover to prevent the fish from jumping out.

Aquarium Isolation Box For Juvenile Fishes
Aquarium Isolation Box For Juvenile Fishes

Top Aquarium Isolation Box For Small Fish Varieties

Breeding a small fish is quite straightforward but what is more challenging is ensuring adult fishes do not eat the smaller ones. Separating adult fishes from their fry or other smaller fishes is the one and the only way of ensuring their survivability.

One right way of separating the fry from the adults is simply by going for an isolation box that can be set up on the aquarium. It is a vessel specifically designed for allowing water to flow through freely. If you are in the lookout of a good quality breeding container for the fish population in your home, here are a few recommendations:

XMHF Nylon Mesh Fish Fry Hatchery & Breeder Box

Isolation boxes do not seem to be the same. The XMHF Nylon Mesh Isolation Box is a cheaper option in comparison to the other breeding boxes available in the market. The box features a net and plastic frame. Suction cups are making it easier for the user to attach the box to the main aquarium.

The net acts as a partition for the baby fishes and the adult fishes while allowing water to flow through freely. Thus, you do not have to worry about additional equipment or water parameters. You can also use this isolation box for isolating injured fish or aggressive fish temporarily.  

Alfie Pet – Breeding & Aquarium Isolation Box

The Alfie Pet is a hang-on isolation box available in a sturdy design. You can install it in the inside of your aquarium. It features a separate container for weaker and aggressive adult fish to stay away from the traditional varieties. It allows for the free flow of water.

You can use this box in the form of a nursery for your fish fry. It does not require any filter, aquarium pump, or heater. The box is completely transparent when placed in the aquarium.

Aquarium Isolation Box For Juvenile Fishes
Aquarium Isolation Box For Juvenile Fishes

Marina Hang-On Breeding Box

One good thing about the Marina Hang-On isolation box is that there is no need for its users to spend money on getting a separate filter or heater. You can install it in the outside of your aquarium.

It is a multipurpose isolation box. You can use it as an acclimation container, breeding box or a tank to isolate shrimp and fish. Maintaining the performance of this box is quite easy as it is installed on the outside of the aquarium. Additionally, it allows for unhindered fry monitoring.

Thus, isolation boxes that can easily be installed either inside or outside the aquarium are great for breeding minuscule fish varieties.

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