4 Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish That You Should Have

best freshwater aquarium fish

Having an aquarium at your home adds glory to the interior of your house. Along with the glory, it has a lot of benefits for your health and life. It has other perks like preventing you from debts, keep your heart healthy, keep your children happy. If you are making plans to buy an aquarium for your home, you should get one beautiful colored fish aquarium. There are two kinds of water tanks freshwater tanks and saltwater tanks. Freshwater tanks are easy to maintain, whereas saltwater tanks need regular cleaning and care. Fishes that are available for freshwater are colorful and unique in nature. They will make your aquarium alive. 

If you are the very new owner of the freshwater aquarium fish, then this article is for you. Let’s discuss the top 4 best freshwater aquarium fish. 

Neon Tetra

Freshwater Aquarium

An ideal for the owner is Neon Tetra. It is the most prominent fish for freshwater aquariums. This species is small and thin in size. It requires less maintenance. They are not very long; they grow only 2.2cm in length. They are popular because of their calmness and peaceful nature. They are blue in color and have a bright red color stripe down their streamlined body.   


Freshwater Aquarium

If you are the very new owner of the fish, then you can prefer Guppies also. They are perfect pets for beginners. The care of this species is quite easy, but they tend to breed quickly with each other. They are available in many colors where male species are more flamboyant than females. They can adapt themselves to different water conditions, but the most preferred water temperature for them is around 50F – 84F. They live happily in this temperature. 


Mollies can grow for around 3- 4 inches, and they are omnivorous in nature. This means that they are both plant-eaters as well as animal-eater. They are small and easygoing species. They don’t need high maintenance. The cool thing about this fish is they also breed in freshwater, unlike Guppies. So if you want more of these species, keep male and female in the aquarium. 


The fourth fish on the list of the best freshwater aquarium fish is Goldfish. This species can grow up to 14 inches. Wild Goldfish can easily live up to 25 years or even for a longer time period. They can survive in 20 gallons. They need regular maintenance like every week water changes and filters. Goldfish are available in many shapes, colors, sizes, and breeds.

Benefits Of Keeping Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish 

  •  Keep surroundings calm and relaxed.
  • Fishes prevent debt, pain, and anxiety.
  • Fishes help in reducing stress and are good for your heart health.
  • It helps in keeping you active and increases your productivity. 


There are more best freshwater aquarium fish that you can keep at your home. You children can have a companion. For positivity and good health bring anyone from the above-mentioned fishes.  

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